Policy Papers

The following academic publications on health and migrant workers have been authored by members of our Expert Working Group.

Cole, Donald (2020). Heightened COVID-19 Risks to Temporary Foreign (Migrant) Agricultural Workers (TFAWs) And Recommended Actions in the 2020 Agricultural Season. Occupational Medicine Perspective Paper. (available here)

McLaughlin, Janet (2009). Migration and Health: Implications for Development. The Canadian Foundation for the Americas (FOCAL) Labour Mobility and Development Project, Policy Paper #2, October, pp.1-13.

McLaughlin, Janet (2008). Gender, Health and Mobility: Health Concerns of Women Migrant Farm Workers in Canada. FOCALPoint: Canada’s Spotlight on the Americas 7(9): December, pp. 10-11.

Photo by Brandy Saturley (CC BY EQ 3.0)